Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Do the Tarheels Have a Chance Saturday?


No! The Tar Heels have zero chance of winning Saturday. The only chance the Tar Heels have would be for the Gamecocks to hire Tommy Bowden as there coach. As long as Steve Spurrier is coaching in Columbia the Tar Heels might as well not show up.

Who do the Tar Heels have anyway? Brandon Tate? I'll tell you what Brandon Tate is on a Steve Spurrier coached team; 3rd string! Actually, Tate is a good player we would love to have but after him no one knows a player on the Tar Heels football team.

I was happy to see UNC beat Miami last weekend but the win was a little deceiving.

First, South Carolina is not Miami- Miami is a weak, deteriorating ACC team. I can not stress enough how weak the ACC is. If the gamecocks were in the ACC they wouldn't lose a conference game. How is Boston College is a top 5 team? They are going to lose to Notre Dame this weekend. Go ahead write that down, it's going to happen.

Second, this aint basketball - One win does not make you a good football team. After this weekend, the fans will once again be looking forward to basketball season.

A Few Stats

  1. 92% of Americans don't even know UNC has a football team
  2. The other 8% are ACC fans
  3. In 2003, the Make a Wish Foundation had a kid ask for UNC to be forced to quit playing football. That's all he wanted. He was on his death bed and he just wanted the joke that is UNC football to end.
  4. 98% of UNC's players are on the team because they weren't good enough to play at Duke.


Anonymous said...

Did Steve Spurrier draw that picture?

Anonymous said...

I would have thought 100 percent were on the team b/c they couldn't play at Duke

Flounder said...

Great site and Great site name!

Anonymous said...

If you're going to have a blog site about USC, you should learn to spell and use correct grammar. It makes us look bad when you use there for their.