Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Moment of Silence for the Clemson Tigers

Clemson seems less like Tigers and more
like this fans cat Fluffy

Let's all take a moment to remember what is left of the Clemson Tigers football season. Saturday they were outplayed and outcoached by Virginia Tech. Before the game, Clemson planted a tree to serve as a memorial to Virginia Tech. An anonymous source has told me that the Hokies will be planting a tree on their campus as well to wash away any hard feelings for the beatdown they put on Clemson Saturday.

This site is called Steve Spurrier is God. So what would Spurrier have done if he was coaching the Tigers. The simple answer is he would have won. He would have made adjustments in special teams, benched his quarterbck and won the game by 30. But then again Steve Spurrier is God. So what does that make Tommy Bowden? Well, there is no easy way to say this, but I'll try, a bum! Tommy Bowden can't win with superior talent in he ACC. If Steve Spurrier was still coaching Duke he would win the ACC. That's how weak that league is!

For all you Tigernet posters, don't jump! Stop, take a deep breath and start thinking of excuses on why you lost and why you still have the greatest football team in the uiverse. If it makes you feel any better talk trash about the gamecocks and Steve Spurrier. It will be ok because Steve Spurrier doesn't care, because Steve Spurrier is God.


Anonymous said...

He would win the ACC with anyone

T. said...

You are an idiot. Steve Spurrier is the most overrated coach in history. I take that back 2nd. Tommy Bowden is #1

Anonymous said...

it's because* by the way, mr. deity.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note, if SOS was coaching at Clemson, we would win the ACC. Also, tigernet is not all bad. A few bad apples is all.

Steve Spurrier is God said...

Tigernet is horrible