Friday, October 12, 2007

Gamecocks-Tarheels Preview


Steve Spurrier has the Gamecocks playing like a potential SEC east contender while Butch Davis has North Carolina fans getting slightly more interested in the football program. The Tar heels look like huge underdogs on paper but the game is at home and a win versus South Carolina could go a long way for the program. The Tar heels have far more to gain from this match up than the Gamecocks. While the Gamecocks definitely have more to lose.

QB- Chris Smelly vs T.J. Yates
Chris Smelly has filled in nicely for the maligned Blake Mitchell, completing 54% of his passes for 6 touchdowns and 3 ints. T.J. Yates is a freshman as well that has a huge upside. He is completing 61% of his passes for 9 touchdowns and 8 ints. Look for both of these quarterbacks to put up decent numbers in this game.
slight edge - South Carolina

RB - Cory Boyd/Mike Davis v
s Anthony Elzy/Johnny White
Cory Boyd and Mike Davis have combined for 770 yards and 9 tds while Anthony Elzy and Johnny White have combined for 446 yards and 4 tds. Look for UNC to run the ball a lot more against a struggling SC rush defense.
edge- South Carolina

North Carolina has a solid group of receivers for Yates to throw to. Hakeem Nicks and Brandon Tate are having very good years and could threaten a strong SC pass defense deep. South Carolina is led by Kenny McKinley. Someone needs to step up to be a solid #2 receiver.
edge- UNC

North Carolina needs their defense to step up big in this game to have a chance. They are led by Deunta Williams who has 3 ints. South Carolina is led by an outstanding secondary that has helped the Gamecocks have the number 1 pass defense in the country. If Eric Norwood and Casper Brinkley can put preasure on the quarterback the Gamecocks should do well.
edge- South Carolina

Both Coaches are great. Spurrier has led the Gamecocks to the cusp of the promised land and Butch Davis is trying to rebuild a football tradition at North Carolina. You know the name of the website so the edge goes to Steve Spurrier and South Carolina.

Final Score- USC 38 -
UNC 24

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