Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WWSD....... What Would Spurrier Do?

"Wisdom Personified"

Every single day it seems like people make horrible decisions that affect themselves and in some cases the world. All of this could be avoided if people would stop and take the time to ask themselves a simple question. What would Spurrier do?
Here are a few instances that if they would have thought about what Spurrier would have done the world would be a better place.

1. Brittany Spears
- What she did: showed the world her vagina..What Spurrier would have done- wear panties. Steve Spurrier knows that a girls vagina should only be seen by her man. Your vagina is shy and does not appreciate all the unwanted attention. Please, put it away.

2. Larry Craig -
What he did: Solicited sex from a man in a bathroom. What Spurrier would have done- Used the bathroom in the bathroom. Steve Spurrier knows that men's rooms should only be used for number 1 or number 2. The only time a man can be excused for soliciting sex in a bathroom is if that bathroom is a women's bathroom.

3. George Bush
What he did: attacked Iraq. What Spurrier would have done- attacked Iraq. Steve Spurrier would have attacked Iraq but he would have had a plan that would work. Spurrier would have been in and out of Iraq in 3 hours and people in Iraq would be eating at McDonald's, drinking coke and driving Ford trucks right now.

These are just a few examples of how the world would have been a better place if the people involved would have stopped and asked... What would Spurrier do? I think we will make this a weekly segment that we will use as a way to guide us through our everyday life.


Hank H said...

Vagina's should not be hidden. Show the world.

Anonymous said...

Steve Spurrier would have found sadamm himself.