Friday, October 19, 2007

College Football Picks

(Wanna make money? Follow these picks)
Last night, everyone's favorite Cinderella team, the South Florida Bulls came crashing back to reality. Will this week be riddled with upsets? Don't count on it! If you can find some extra money or borrow against your home. Do it and follow these sure fire picks.
Winner is in all caps

(23) Cincinati 9.5 PITT -
Take Pittsburgh to cover. I still like Cinci to win but I don't think the are 10 points better than Pitt.
Bearcats 21 - Pitt 17

(6) SOUTH CAROLINA 13 Vanderbilt -
I have two words for Vandy..... Blake Mitchell. I look for Mitchell to throw at least 2 touchdown passes in his return to the lineup. His first drive, first pass, first play will be a deep pass.
South Carolina 41 - Vandy 13

(14) FLORIDA 6.5 Kentucky -
I am still not sold on the Wildcats. The Wildcats are coming off a huge win last Saturday. Get ready for a letdown.
Florida 27 - Kentucky 17

(9) West Virginia 24 MISSISSIPPI STATE-
The SEC is for real. This game will be close and the Bulldogs actually have a shot to win. Bet the house on Mississippi State.
West Va 24 - Miss. State 21

(24) MICHIGAN 2.5 Illinois -
I know Michigan lost to App. State but they are good. I look for them to win out and dash Ohio States championship dreams. Michigan in a laugher. 38 - 14

We here at Steve Spurrier is god would like you to gamble responsibly. (Unless of course you use our picks. In that case bet it all and enjoy the spoils of victory.)


Willy Mac said...

Guess that Carolina pick didn't pan out for you, huh?

Seigler said...

spell gamble right, it takes away what little credibility you might have

Anonymous said...

hah, #6 south carolina scoring forty-something in a round of vandy?

try two field goals and utter embarassment.

all of you gamecock fans are complete idiots.