Friday, October 5, 2007

Steve Spurrier: Truly a God

The Old Ball Coach
I couldn't help but notice a few blogs that claim a college football coach is God. The few I have seen are very entertaining but flawed. Those coaches are not Gods, they are mere mortals when compared to the great Steve Spurrier. Steve Spurrier is what we here at Steve Spurrier is God like to call, a winner! He wins games, plain and simple.

The South Carolina gamecocks are currently sitting at 5-1 and primed to win the SEC East. Spurrier said he believed the gamecocks could win the SEC. If he says it, then it's true. Steve Spurrier only speaks the truth. But what makes a coach a God?

1. You need followers -
Spurrier definitely has followers. The gamecock nation believe in him and everyone else can't stop talking about him. People hate him but they also respect him. And who can blame them, Spurrier is God.

2. You must be great-
Spurrier is the single most important person in college football. He wins everywhere he goes in the college football world. He is simply the best. Forget Pete Carroll, Joe Paterno is a joke, Bobby who? and Tommy Bowden is an absolute joke compared to Spurrier. You can't blame Tommy for being unable to compare to Spurrier because Spurrier is God.

3. You must be feared -
Spurrier terrifies the likes of Clemson, Florida, Georgia.... hell, every college football program in the country. He is the most hated college football coach around. People hate greatness and Spurrier is great. Last year in the Clemson game Spurrier had Bowden so confused he looked like even more incompitant than usual. It was expected though because Spurrier is God!

You can look forward to many more post about Steve Spurrier and his greatness. I would like to apologize in advance to college football programs all over the country that will get utterly destroyed by Spurrier in games, recruiting and life in general. Just know that after you were beaten you were just in the presence of greatness.


GBOT said...

what happended to the fine chicks?

Steve said...

Don’t forget after I lost to LSU, I also said that we are not on that level yet. We are more on the Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and Mississippi level.

tommybowdenisgod said...

nice win last night. Fortunately, I placed money on the gamecocks to cover 3.5 and yall did. However, I do think you guys got outplayed. But hey, Steve Spurrier is god and overcame it, congrats

I look for yall to be 7-1 going to knoxville to play a very medicore tennessee team

Anonymous said...

You can say what you like but Steve Spurrier is the best coach in college football. Noone competes.

N. Saban said...


"but Steve Spurrier is the best coach in college football"

have you forgot about me?

Willy Mac said...

Look what I have spurned. Can't you guys come up with a new gimmick besides ripping off other people? Oh, and I'd also like to state that boobs are great, especially when they are on a hot chick and are referred to as "boobies". That is all.

Steve Spurrier is God said...

Immitation is the highest form of flattery. I think every college football team should have a _______ is god website

Anonymous said...

Spurrier is not GOD! And shouldnt be made as a false Idol. It's a college sport. Get over yourselves and him!

Anonymous said...


Willy Mac said...

Oh, get used to anonymous being a bible beater and not being able to take a tongue in cheek phrae. This happens mostly in the first 3 months, then sporadically after that.

Anonymous said...

I love Steve Spurrier! And he's really HOT.

I was in TX last weekend and disgusted to see all these "Aggies" in my face telling me that Steve will leave SC to coach them.

Please, Gamecock Nation, blog on about how he is our GOD and will not be leaving!

Lanza said...

This is great info to know.

Anonymous said...


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